Rugs Repair

We have years of extensive experience in providing the skilled care necessary to preserve thousands of hand knotted rugs and hand woven kilims, including treasured family heirlooms, collectable museum-quality antique rugs, and pieces appreciated for their decorative value in clients’ homes.

We’re available for any project!


Rugs Cleaning

We undertake cleaning of all types of carpets and rugs, whatever make, size, origin or condition. Our team is skilled in cleaning wool, silk, wool/silk blends, cotton and synthetic carpets.
We only use top quality detergent based or organic products for our cleaning services. We guarantee the removal of extensive, stubborn build-up of dirt and soil in your carpets and rugs. We use eco-friendly products in our cleaning methods.
We specialize in the cleaning of hand-made carpets and rugs from India, Persia (Iran), Turkey or from any other Tribal region in the world. And these could be new, antique or semi-antique – no matter what kind, we will do the job!
We are experienced at dealing with the many kinds of problems your carpets may have encountered. To achieve perfect and safe cleaning results, your carpets will be tested for color fastness before we wash them. If your carpet fails the test, and the colors are likely to bleed, then we will use special methods like dry cleaning. Before we start the process we will check to see if there are areas on the carpet that is more soiled, or if there are any stains on the carpet. If so, we pre-treat these areas and inform you about the process.
We are experts at removing stains, using many different special products, but please understand that not all stains can be removed, as they may have permanently changed the colors of the fabric, particularly wool.